6 Pc Set D'Ross Towel Set 100% Cotton (2 Hand Towel + 4 Face Towel) (C_Ht66_Ft105)

Rs. 648.00 Rs. 369.00

You Save:Rs. 279.00 (43%) Inclusive of all taxes

6 Pc Set D'Ross Towel Set 100% Cotton (2 Hand Towel + 4 Face Towel) (C_Ht69_Ft108)

Rs. 648.00 Rs. 369.00

You Save:Rs. 279.00 (43%) Inclusive of all taxes

2 Piece Bath Towel (100% Cotton) (C_Bt134_Bt135)

Rs. 1,298.00 Rs. 589.00

You Save:Rs. 709.00 (55%) Inclusive of all taxes

100% Cotton Hand Towel (Set of 2) (HT67)

Rs. 359.00 Rs. 299.00

You Save:Rs. 60.00 (17%) Inclusive of all taxes

100% Cotton Bath Towel (BT138)

Rs. 649.00 Rs. 379.00

You Save:Rs. 270.00 (42%) Inclusive of all taxes

100% Cotton Bath Towel (BT135)

Rs. 649.00 Rs. 379.00

You Save:Rs. 270.00 (42%) Inclusive of all taxes

4 Piece Hand Towel (100% Cotton) (C_Ht50Z_Ht51Z)

Rs. 638.00 Rs. 479.00

You Save:Rs. 159.00 (25%) Inclusive of all taxes

100 % Cotton Paradiso Face Towel (Ft82)

Rs. 299.00

Inclusive of all taxes

100 % Cotton Egyptian Ladies Bath Towel BT142

Rs. 349.00

Inclusive of all taxes

14 Pc Set(2 Bath Towel+ 4 Hand Towel + 8 Face Towel)( 100% Cotton) (C_Bt121Z_Bt119Z_Ht53Z_Ht51Z_Ft91Z_Ft89Z)

Rs. 2,354.00 Rs. 1,949.00

You Save:Rs. 405.00 (17%) Inclusive of all taxes

7 Pc Set D'Ross Towel Set 100% Cotton (1 Bath Towel+ 2 Hand Towel + 4 Face Towel) (C_Bt132_Ht64_Ft103)

Rs. 1,297.00 Rs. 579.00

You Save:Rs. 718.00 (55%) Inclusive of all taxes

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Bath Towels

People generally use bath towels for cleaning their body after a bath. But not everybody knows that bath towels are an essential part of the bathroom décor too. Decorating a bathroom is imperative, as it is a part of the household. One of the steps to beautify your bathroom is to choose the right bath towel.

Bath towels come in various colours, materials, patterns, and sizes. At Bianca Store, you get to view every type of bath towel sets which will accentuate your décor, while being functional for cleansing needs. Find the right bath towel at Bianca Store and get amazing discounts while shopping.

Buy Bath Towels Online

Thanks to an almost endless choice of towels available in the market, it has become increasingly difficult for people to find the right bath towels for their needs. Since the bath towel is not just a part of the bathroom décor, it is essential to choose the right one for prolonged usage and excellent performance. But, there are some things which people can consider while looking for towels online which will help them find the bath towel of their requirement.

First things first, check the fibre content. The material of the bath towels is crucial for its performance and longevity. Focussing on premium kinds of cotton bath towels is not necessary, as any towel which is 100% cotton will be the most absorbent and the softest. You can also consider choosing the cotton and polyester blend, which is affordable in comparison to pure cotton, durable, and dries quickly. Contrary to popular belief, Egyptian and Supima kinds of cotton perform the same as pure cotton in towel tests. Product highlights will help you make a wise choice while shopping for towels. Look for keywords like combed cotton, twist, hydrocotton, aerocotton, and ringspun cotton. The presence of such keywords will restore the dependability on the bath towels. Towel weight is also crucial while purchasing. Towels are measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and the popular ones reside in the 500-700 GSM collection.

Personal preference plays a significant role in online shopping. In Bianca Store, you will be able to find the best bath towels for your cleansing and décor needs. All you have to do is browse to the towels section, select your preferred ones by filtering the results as per your preferences, and add your favourite item to the cart. The extensive collection makes sure that you do not compromise while shopping and the happy sale corner provides attractive deals to make your shopping experience worth it. Order your favourite product from Bianca Store, and transform your home into a heaven.

Shop From A Wide Range Of Luxury Bath Towels Online

Luxury towels are the ones which are formed from the best of materials and have an optimal weight, which also makes them suitable for the skin. Usually, people prefer 100% cotton. But, luxury towels are a notch above pure cotton. The Egyptian and Supima pieces of cotton are used to create this kind of towel. One can differentiate them from the others by merely feeling them. The goal of such premium bath towels is to look after your skin, perform well, and be a part of the bathroom décor. People usually prefer white bath towels, but towels of other colours are also available.

Available in a variety of colours, luxury towels must be chosen carefully as they must last longer. Proper maintenance is also crucial, or else it will affect the durability of the towel. At Bianca Store, you will find the luxury towel you are searching to enjoy your bath and improve the décor. All you have to do is to visit the website, browse their collection of bath towels online, and order the ones you prefer. You do not have to go from store to store to purchase your favourite towels, as Bianca Store provides them at affordable rates, with attractive discounts.

Where To Buy The Best Bath Towels In India

Looking to buy the best bath towels in India? Visit Bianca Store to get them at attractive rates. Bathroom towels are necessary for a worthwhile bathing experience. Also, they contribute heavily to the bathroom décor and add a certain edge to it. At Bianca Store, you can find bath towels according to your preference of colour, size, and material. Both kids and adult-sized towels are available. The colours available are quaint, and the material is of the highest quality.

Filter the results according to your choices, and find the right towel for your budget. Product delivery and replacement are hassle-free, and the after-sales support is seamless for every customer. Shop at Bianca Store, and get the best prices for the luxury towels you want.

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