BIANCA 8-10 seater PVC Table cloth (TC525)

Rs. 1,395.00 Rs. 977.00

You Save:Rs. 418.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

Sold Out
BIANCA 8-10 seater PVC Table cloth (TC524)

Rs. 1,395.00 Rs. 977.00

You Save:Rs. 418.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

8-10 Seater Pvc Table Cloth - Classic Clear (Tc274A)

Rs. 1,395.00 Rs. 977.00

You Save:Rs. 418.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

6-8 Seater Pvc Table Cloth - Classic Clear (Tc268A)

Rs. 1,195.00 Rs. 837.00

You Save:Rs. 358.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

4-6 Seater Pvc Table Cloth - Classic Clear (Tc271A)

Rs. 995.00 Rs. 697.00

You Save:Rs. 298.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

4 Seater Pvc Table Cloth - Classic Clear (Tc265A)

Rs. 795.00 Rs. 557.00

You Save:Rs. 238.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

2-4 Seater Pvc Table Cloth - Classic Clear (Tc259A)

Rs. 595.00 Rs. 417.00

You Save:Rs. 178.00 (30%) Inclusive of all taxes

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Table Covers

No matter what event you are organising at you home, it is imperative to select the best table covers. When people attend a party or any sort of gathering, they notice the banquet tables and the beauty it adds. An appropriate table cover will make the event attractive without much effort. Also, if your table is holding well but looks worn out, table covers will efficiently conceal the looks of the table and enhance its decoration, which will be visually appealing.

At Bianca Store, you get table covers of various sizes, materials, and designs. If you are looking to buy dining table covers, we have amazing deals for you. Shopping on our website will save you money and time, as well as give you ample of choices to suit the table covers that you will love.

Buy Dining Table Covers Online At Best Prices

People often prefer offline shopping over its online counterpart. This can be due to many reasons, the most popular one being the habit of doing it for a long time. But, today online shopping has surpassed its alternatives by leaps and bounds. When it comes to table covers, the majority of the population now considers shopping online. And why not? If you get high-quality products at the best prices, then no one would consider visiting a physical store and listen to the salesperson explaining how the overpriced product is better for their needs instead of the right one.

You will get a vast collection of dining table covers online on Bianca at the best prices, which will enable you to shop more for enhancing your décor. If you are having a difficult time finding the right product, select the right filters and get the preferred results which meet your requirements. The ratings and reviews of each product are done by fellow customers, to ensure that the products are purchased more by others who need them.

Above all, Bianca Store will present you multiple options without being partial to a specific brand or product. You buy what you feel is right for you, and if you want to return it, the process is easy and without hassles. Pay for the items you purchase online and avoid the issues related to cash. All popular card providers are accepted in the website to ensure complete payment solutions is provided by us.

Wide Variety Of Tablecloths & Dining Table Covers

The perfect tablecloths and covers are an essential addition to the dining room or outdoor eateries. They help in conveying the theme and establish your style while brightening up space and protecting the table at the same time. Since they are in demand for being so functional and affordable, Bianca Store has a vast collection of tablecloths and covers for your needs.

For adding a dash of elegance to the table, people consider table linen made of poly cotton, polyspun, or 100% polyester. The covers made from these materials are reasonably priced and easy to maintain. For those who are looking for the convenience of disposability, table covers made of various materials and having a range of textures are available on the website, which can be appropriately disposed off after each use. Outdoor eateries prefer using vinyl table covers, as they are durable and can be wiped after every use.

The table covers in Bianca Store are available in a variety of sizes. Payments, both online and offline, are accepted. In online payments, the gateway is secure to prevent the loss of sensitive data. The after sales delivery is hassle-free and the whole shopping experience is geared towards providing a worthwhile experience. To save money while shopping for dining table covers, choose Bianca Store.

How To Choose The Right Tablecloths & Dining Table Covers

Tablecloths and covers add a certain charm to the design or décor theme. These accessories are an economical way to as they add aesthetic appeal without being costly. For choosing the right table cover and cloth, you must consider some points, like colour, visual weight, dominance, and pattern. Accentuate the dominant design of the room with a print tablecloth so it does not stand as the odd one out. The visual weight means the table size, which the table covers will be occupying. The pattern and the colour of the piece of cloth must be wisely chosen so they can blend with the home décor.

Bianca Store has a wide range of tablecloth and covers, which will enable you to find the right product of your preferred colour, pattern, and material. The online store will offer discounts as you shop more, and items valued at more than INR 500 will be delivered at your doorstep for no extra cost. Forget the hassle of going from one shop to another, and shop at Bianca Store.

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